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Sea Freight Transport

Another channel for transporting goods that is as popular as air is sea transport. This is suitable for customers who don't want to rush through time. and want to send a large amount of products at the most worthwhile price.

With today's modern technology This makes shipping by boat another convenient option. There are many shipping routes from Thailand to many other countries. And there are boat lines ready to depart every week.


therefore provides sea transportation services for customers who are merchants or companies who are interested in sending a large amount of goods. We provide both LCL (Less than Container Load), which is the delivery of goods that do not require the entire container. But we will have a minimum service of 1 Cubic Meter (CBM) onwards. Or for any customers who would like to send a FCL (Full Container Load). We have services in many types, including short containers (20) or Large containers (40) which we have to choose from including DC (Dry Container), RC (Reefer Container), HC (High Cube) etc.

Comprehensive service in sea transportation

- Pickup service.
- Packing service.
- Export Documentation.
- Loading goods into containers
- Container towing service from port to the customer's packing point or goods towing service from Chiang Mai to be packed on the port.
- Outbound customs clearance service in Thailand

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